Clebby’s is a trail-blazing brand specializing in cannabis
oil-infused baking mixes.

With an emphasis on superior taste, premium ingredients, reliable dosage and high recreational potency, Clebby’s is revolutionizing DIY baking with cannabis.

We believe in INNOVATION

Our boxed mixes give you the power to craft your own, unique cannabis experience. Here, there is no status quo. Our team is constantly striving to bring new possibilities to the cannabis market.

We believe in COMMUNITY

Clebby’s is best shared with the most important people in your life. Bring together your friends and family with our delicious products and create unforgettable memories – together.

We believe in SIMPLICITY

We work hard in our test kitchens to create recipes that are quick and easy for you to make at home. From our detailed instructions to our emphasis on education, we value your at-home experience above all.

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How a college start-up
is rocking the cannabis industry

Do you know if cannabis is legal in certain parts of Washington, DC? Keep on watching to find out!
We promise you have never had lemon cake like this before. Your new favorite snack perfect for any occasion! 🍋
Sabrina’s best advice: Enter in your schools start-up competition! Sabrina was the winner of the George Washington University’s 2022 New Venture Competition.
We promise you have never had a brownie mix like this before. Our Triple Chocolate Brownie mix with fill all of your ooey gooey brownie dreams
Want to learn more about how a 21 year old college student is breaking into the cannabis industry? Read more about Sabrina Clebnik on our website linked in our bio!

Available only in Massachusetts.

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