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Triple Chocolate Brownies


Let Clebby’s Brownies fulfill all of your ooey gooey brownie fantasies! Just mix, bake and enjoy our rich, fudgy, satisfying brownies for a delicious experience. Customers tell us that our brownies are the perfect combination–a customizable, easy-to-prepare treat that’s also scrumptious and fun!

Available in 125mg and 250mg packages

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  • Why is Clebby’s the best brownie you’ll ever make?

    Clebby’s takes the guesswork out of making brownies! Other cannabis brownies are known for less-than-optimal taste and texture issues, as well as concerns over potency control. Clebby’s provides simple instructions for easy prep–at a potency YOU design–so you enjoy warm, irresistible brownies in minutes.
  • What equipment do I need?

    All you need is a mixing bowl, eggs, some measuring spoons and a baking pan. Follow our simple instructions, pop the brownies into the oven and boom…you’re ready to enjoy!
  • Can I add candy, more chocolate chips or other sweets into the mix?

    Adding in ingredients will not dilute the potency of the cannabis oil, so go for it! We love to hear how our customers are enhancing their baking experience. Want to share your baking tips? Just dm us on Instagram @official_clebby’s so we can make sure to highlight your creations!
  • Does Clebby’s cannabis oil change the taste of the brownies?

    Our test kitchen carefully designed a unique cannabis oil and brownie mix combination for Clebby’s that highlights only the delicious, chocolatey ingredients. The result is a decadent, warm, fudgy brownie you’ll swear is the best you’ve ever tasted!


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